Jagged Alliance 3: Kill or Spare Pierre?

Learn whether you should kill or spare Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3.

by Christian Bognar
Jagged Alliance 3
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Are you wondering whether you should kill or spare Pierre? Jagged Alliance 3 requires the player to make a lot of decision-making, and choosing whether to kill or spare Pierre is one of them. Knowing which option to pick can be tricky unless you know the benefits. Read further to learn what we recommend when killing or sparing Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3.

Should You Kill or Spare Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3?

Image: Haemimont Games / Edited: Attack of the Fanboy

It is highly recommended that you spare Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3, and I’ll tell you why. Sparing Pierre instead of killing him will reward the player with the opportunity to recruit him later in the game. Pierre is a highly-rated mercenary whose Marksmanship rating is higher than other mercenaries in the game. If you kill him, you won’t get the opportunity to add him to your team.

Let’s go over each option and what happens when you choose them. The two options are “Time to die” or “You may go.”

  • Time to Die – The quest will end, and Pierre will be dead for good. Your reward will be 30 Loyalty with Ernie.
  • You may go – The quest will continue, and you will get the opportunity to meet Pierre again further in the game. Luc will reward you with diamonds, and you will get 10 Loyalty with Ernie.

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So even though you will receive more Loyalty with Ernie for choosing the “Time to Die” option and killing Pierre, you will be punishing yourself by not getting Pierre as a hire in the future. Pierre also requires no salary, making him a cheap option for the benefits he provides to your squad.

How to Recruit Pierre in Jagged Alliance 3

When you spare Pierre, you can recruit him further in the game. Continue completing the quests of Grand Chien, and eventually, Pierre will start to like you more as a person. Once the “Reform Bastien” quest becomes available, you can officially begin recruiting Pierre. Complete the Reform Bastien quest to successfully earn the trust of Pierre and head to the yard to meet with him face to face. Talk to Pierre, and you’ll have the option to recruit Pierre!

- This article was updated on July 17th, 2023

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