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John Wick Hex: How to Heal and Get More Bandages

Not getting hurt doesn't seem to be an option.

by Kyle Hanson


John Wick gets hurt a lot. You see it in the movies, and you’ll see it all the time as you play through John Wick Hex. And with your health so low, only taking a few errant bullets before you need to bandage back up, you’ll want to know the finer points of how this all works. To help, here’s how to heal and get more bandages in John Wick Hex.

How to Heal

This on’es pretty simple, but it’s reliant on the latter walkthrough. To heal all you need on hand is a bandage, which will be pretty tough to come by throughout the game. You should start each level with two bandages, so once you’re hurt you can use those. All you need to do is find a quiet place to heal, then click the Bandage button on the bottom of the screen. This will take some time, so watch that timeline at the top of the screen to be sure you aren’t surprised by anything. If you feel safe go ahead and do it, but be ready to go on the attack right after if things get bad. But things fall apart if you don’t have the tools you need, so here’s some info on how to get more bandages in John Wick Hex.

How to Get More Bandages

Sadly these are harder to come by than more ammo. Once you’ve used up the starting bandages it’s actually pretty rare to find more. Some of the early stages have some by default, but later on you’ll have to stash your own by spending coins. At the beginning of each level you can plan out your missions, either buying an overall boost or stashing items in individual missions within the overall level. If you ran into any trouble in a previous run you should plant some bandages there or on a mission earlier where you can grab them. They’ll appear somewhere within the mission so explore till you find them then walk to them and pick them up. Other than that there aren’t many more answers to how to get more bandages in John Wick Hex unfortunately. Like Wick himself, you’ll have to make do with what you have.

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