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Journey to the Savage Planet – How to Upgrade Health and Stamina

Orange goo increases your health and stamina.

by Diego Perez


Journey to the Savage Planet, the quirky space exploration game from Typhoon Studios, has you exploring expansive environments and occasionally battling alien creatures, so naturally, you’re going to want to upgrade your health and stamina. Upgrading your health and stamina isn’t very difficult to do, and the materials that are required to do so are more common than you’d think. Considering Journey to the Savage Planet is a game about exploration, you’ll most likely come across tons of upgrade materials just by playing the game.

How to Increase Maximum Health and Stamina in Journey to the Savage Planet

To increase the maximum health and stamina cap in Journey to the Savage Planet, you’ll need to find and eat orange upgrade goo scattered across the surface of AR-Y 26. These goos will be tucked away in crevices, caves, and other places off the beaten path, but others will be hidden in plain sight, taunting you until you acquire the necessary upgrades to reach them. As you increase your maximum health and stamina more and more, the number of goos required to increase the cap further will grow larger. Your initial upgrade will only require one goo, then two, and then more and more from there.


Thankfully, there are a ton of these goods throughout the game’s world, so you’re bound to come across a few even if you’re not looking too hard. Some of the game’s later combat encounters, including some boss battles, can be pretty difficult if you don’t have enough health, so just go searching for some upgrade goo if you ever find yourself stuck at a particularly tough fight. It’s worth noting that you can’t shoot these like you can the orange health plants, though. You’ll have to physically walk up and interact with it, meaning you can’t just shoot one if you see it up in a high place somewhere.

- This article was updated on:January 28th, 2020

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