June 8 Wordle Answer: Hints and Solution for Wordle 354

If you are struggling with the Wordle for today, don't fret!

by Elliott Gatica


These past few Wordles have been quite the doozy. With some having repeated letters, some strategies become a little less effective. Nevertheless, we’ll have you covered with all sorts of things Wordle-related daily. Here are your hints and the answer for the Wordle of June 8.

Hints for Wordle June 8

Here are some hints to help you out with today’s Wordle.

  • This is another word for quality or characteristic.
  • This word is a noun.
  • This word starts and ends with the same letter.
  • This word starts with a consonant.
  • There are two vowels in this word.
  • This word contains one syllable.

Today’s Wordle 354 Answer

If the hints did not suffice, here is the answer listed below.


The answer to the June 8 Wordle is TRAIT.

How Does Wordle Work?

Wordle is a free word-guessing game where you have six attempts to get the word of the day. With each attempt, the game reveals clues based on the letters in your words. If your letters are grey, that means they do not exist in the answer. Yellows mean that they do exist, but are needed elsewhere in terms of positioning. Green indicates correct positioning.

There have been “optimal” ways of playing the game where you would essentially rule out 15 of the 26 letters in the English alphabet while most likely getting a few yellow or green letters. My method was to use the three words ZEBRA, QUITS, and MOLDY. It covers a majority of the uncommon letters along with all the vowels, guaranteeing at least one letter.

Since you eliminated a bit more than half the alphabet and have at least one (most likely a vowel) letter, the game becomes much easier to solve. Of course, you do run the risk of not knowing if any letters will be repeated.

If the preset word combo doesn’t work out for you, you can also start off with vowel-heavy words to rule them all out by your second attempt. Using words like AUDIO or ADIEU as your starter works immensely. From there, you can build off of the clues you got.

You can play Wordle for free via the New York Times’ website. If you want to check out other Wordle alternatives, check out our hand-picked list.

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