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Kingdom Hearts 3 ReMind – How To Beat Dark Inferno X

The ReMind expansion does not start off easy.

by Dean James


Kingdom Hearts 3’s ReMind DLC recently released as an expansion to the existing game that is available for purchase. This DLC requires a completed save file to start, which we broke down in another guide. After a number of cutscenes, you will be thrust right into your first boss battle of the DLC against Dark Inferno X, who will certainly cause you some trouble, even if you breezed through the endgame sections prior.

How To Beat Dark Inferno X

Those who are completionists and played through all of the content in the base release of Kingdom Hearts 3 should remember this boss somewhat, as Dark Inferno was a secret boss you could find and battle. That Dark Inferno had an insane number of lifebars to worry about, with this one being a bit easier one to take down due to only having 10 health bars this time around.

To prepare for this fight, you are going to want to have the Wheel of Fate keyblade that you received from the Pirates of the Caribbean world as your main weapon, unless you happen to have Ultima Weapon or Oblivion unlocked otherwise. Wheel of Fate works well as it has two transformations that you can activate, with them both making you invincible for a short time. This means you can use them to stay safe during some of Dark Inferno X’s strongest attacks, while also getting an upgrade in abilities as well. You also have the finishing move for the keyblade as well as long as you transform it to Storm Flag.

Dark Inferno X is going to be one of the fastest bosses you will face in the game, with him instantly coming at you from the start with a barrage of attacks. You can try to block here if you can, but your best bet is to try and dodge his swipes at you until his series of attacks are done and then lay into him. If you try and interrupt his barrage of attacks, you will lose every time. He is faster and stronger than you, so you actually have to play defensively here, which is somewhat rare in this game. Using spells like Waterga and Firega can also be helpful here, though be careful not to open yourself up to attack by doing these too often.

Whenever you see Dark Inferno X put his two swords up in a defensive stance, back away and be ready for an attack. Trying to extend your combo when he is doing this will leave you vulnerable to attack, where he will take great advantage of it.

At certain points in the fight, he will disappear and turn into little orbs that fly around. At this point, back away and jump in the air and start gliding around the edge of the map. This will hopefully allow you to not be hit by this as they come after you.

Eventually Dark Inferno X will appear again, so rinse and repeat the steps from before to eventually take him down. Also be prepared to heal a good bit in this fight, so it’s a good idea to have Curaga in your spell slots, as well as something like Hi-Potions all throughout your item slots. You have no teammates here, so there’s no need to bother with anything more than that.

As long as you follow the steps above, you should be able to take out Dark Inferno X eventually. Just be careful of his string of attacks that you can’t really block, try not to overextend yourself when you have an opening, and heal when necessary.

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