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League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 Missions

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by Alex Melidon


School’s in session! The new League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 Missions are here. The Battle Academia 2021 skins are already live and available for purchase! Some of your favorite champions (including Caitlyn, Garen, Leona, Wukong, and Yone) are receiving brand new skins. It’s worth noting that Leona’s skin also comes in an exclusive Prestige Edition.

League of Legends Battle Academia 2021 Missions

As is customary with every event, new missions have been added to the game. As of 3/22, there are a total of 5 missions available, with possibly more planned to be released in the following days. These are:

First Day of School

You can complete this mission either by killing 3 Dragons as a team or just playing 5 games. The reward is 150 Blue Essence.

Who Needs to Study

This mission requires that you either earn 10,000 gold or play 5 games. It rewards you with 300 Blue Essence.


This mission can be completed by either earning 15 takedowns (assists + kills) in a single game or simply playing 5 games. The reward is a Mystery Emote Permanent.

Trigger Discipline

You can easily complete this mission by earning a total Crowd Control Score of 35 in a single game. Here’s how you can increase your Crowd Control Score in League of Legends. Alternatively, you can just play 5 games. Completing this mission will net you a Hextech Key.

A Date for the Dance

This mission requires that you play a game in a party with one or more friends. If you don’t have any friends (sad face), 5 solo games will do the trick here too. The reward is a shiny Hextech Chest.

Battle Academia Garen, Battle Academia Leona, Battle Academia Wukong, and Battle Academia Yone are all Epic skins, available for 1350 RP. Battle Academia Caitlyn is a Legendary skin and is thus sold for 1820 RP. Battle Academia Leona Prestige Edition will set you back 100 Prestige Points.

Hit the live servers now and join the fun while the event is still on!

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