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Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening – Where To Trade The Pineapple

Nearing the fourth dungeon.

by Dean James


After getting the Pineapple in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening as part of the trade sequence from Chef Bear in the Animal Village, that means it’s time for the next step of the process. This one will take you to Tal Tal Heights, which is perfect timing since you should be making your way up there soon for the fourth dungeon in game as well. You’re not quite going to go over to where to unlock that dungeon though, but rather take a different route here and this guide will explain just where to go.

As for how to get to the Tal Tal Heights area, once again it is a good idea to make your way to the old Moblin base that you saved BowWow from prior to the second dungeon. From there, go just to the left and north until you run into some rocks you can pick up after getting the Power Bracelets. Use this to get to an upper pathway and take it.

Head east at this point and skip the first ladder you come across, but instead take the second one you come across here. Head up the stairs here and move the rocks to your left and enter the nearby cave.

Once in the cave, make your way to the next screen over and be careful of the floor that breaks and push a rock out of the way, while also taking out Gels and Keese here. Eventually make your way down the stairwell and then head to the other side and up another set of stairs.

In this new room, head along the southward wall and out the first door you see to get 50 rupees in a chest. Then re-enter the cave and use your Pegasus Boots to destroy the blocks in your way and go out the other door on this south wall. Now that you are back outside, go down into the water and move to the east a bit and enter yet another cave.

Head north after you get inside this cave and head up the stairwell at the end. Don’t bother opening the nearby chest either, as it only houses a Gel inside of it. Instead, head south and out the door. Speak with the guy out here named Papahl and he will ask for your Pineapple and will give you the next item in the trade sequence in exchange, the Hibiscus.

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