Skyward Sword HD Bottle Locations: Where to Find All 5 Bottles

Here's how to get all of the bottles scattered throughout the world

by Luna Wilkes
Skyward sword

One of the most important things in any Zelda game is having lots of bottles and knowing where to find them, and luckily there are tons to find in Skyward Sword HD. In total, there are five bottles you can discover while progressing through the game. Some are available almost right from the start while others are found as late in as during one of the final dungeons in the game. We’ll be looking at where and how to get every single one of these bottles, in order of when you can get them.

Skyward Sword Bottle #1 Location


The first bottle you can get your hands on is located at the Bazaar in Skyloft, right before you’re about to head down to the surface for the first time. The lady running the potion shop will notice that you don’t have any bottles with you and hand one over for free when you talk to her.

Skyward Sword Bottle #2 Location

The next bottle is so close to this one that odds are it’ll be less than thirty minutes before you have your hands on the thing. You can find it in a chest at the Sealed Temple, directly to the right of the Old Woman. Just open it up and there’s your second bottle. These two bottles are the only ones that the game outright hands to you just for progressing, the others require a little bit more work before you can have them.

Skyward Sword Bottle #3 Location


The third bottle is one of the rewards you get from one of the game’s many sidequests. After a certain point in the game, you’ll find someone named Parrow walking around, wondering where his sister is at. He’ll tell you that she went off towards the multicolored island to the south so hop on your bird and chase after her. You’ll find her on a small island between the island in question and Skyloft.

She’ll say that her bird is hurt and to go get help. Fly back to Parrow and he’ll give you a bottle of mushroom spores, fly back to the island to hand them over and you’ll be allowed to keep the bottle. This is probably the most involved bottle in the game to get, as the next two are back to being found in random chests.

Skyward Sword Bottle #4 Location


The next bottle is located in the Fire Sanctuary, which is the sixth dungeon of the game. After you have the Mogma Mitts, backtrack to the room where you encountered a lone enemy that looks like a lava hand. Use the mitts to open the gate to some water plants and use them to defeat the enemy. Take the newly opened passage to get to the chest holding the bottle.

Skyward Sword Bottle #5 Location

The final bottle is found by first making it to the point in the game where you need to find the fire dragon, Eldin. You’ll find a goddess cube on the path leading to the dragon, activate it to unlock the chest containing the bottle. The corresponding chest can then be found in the western part of the thunderhead, on an island where you’ll need to burrow through the ground in order to get to the chest.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD is available now on Nintendo Switch