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Life is Strange: True Colors Endings Guide: All Choices and Outcomes

Here are all the ways Alex's story can end.

by Diego Perez


Alex Chen’s story in Life is Strange: True Colors has several different endings depending on the choices you make during each episode. All five chapters have multiple decisions to make, large and small, and they all have an effect on the way things turn out for Alex and the citizens of Haven Springs. Here are all the different endings in Life is Strange: True Colors and the decisions you can make to change the story’s outcome. Obviously, there are major spoilers for Life is Strange: True Colors below.

All Life is Strange: True Colors Endings

There are two main endings for Alex in Life is Strange: True Colors based on the final decision in the game. You can either choose to stay in Haven Springs or leave to seek adventure. However, the events of Chapter 5 can change based on your decisions throughout the game as well.

At the end of Chapter 5, the people of Haven Springs will have to decide whether or not to believe Alex about Typhon. Alex’s romance options and her relationships with everyone in Haven Springs will affect this part of the ending. Here are all the major choices that affect the ending of Life is Strange: True Colors.

Stay in Haven or Seek Adventure?


This choice is fairly self-explanatory, and it’s the most important decision for the ending. Alex will either stay in Haven Springs and get a job at the record store. If you romance Ryan, Steph will leave Haven and Alex take over the record store. If you romance Steph, she’ll stay in Haven and work at the record store with Alex.

If you seek adventure, Alex will leave Haven Springs to pursue a music career. Depending on your relationship with the people of Haven Springs, certain people will see you off at the bus stop. If you romance Ryan or Steph, one of them will leave Haven with Alex.

Take Charlotte’s Anger or Leave Her Alone?


How Charlotte ends up largely depends on your choice to take her anger or leave her alone at the end of Chapter 3. If you take away Charlotte’s anger, she’ll feel like something is wrong with her emotions and she’ll feel strangely detached from everything. She won’t take your side in the finale, either. If you leave Charlotte alone, then she will believe Alex about Typhon and take her side during the final confrontation.

Tell Riley About Eleanor or Keep Eleanor’s Confidence?


At the Spring Festival in Chapter 4, Riley can be found waiting at the bus stop about to leave Haven Springs. If you tell her about Eleanor’s condition, Riley will stay in Haven to take care of her. If you do this, Eleanor won’t take your side at the end of Chapter 5. If you keep Eleanor’s confidence and don’t tell Riley about her condition, then Riley will leave Haven Springs to pursue bigger and better things. Letting Riley go will cause Eleanor to stand up for you during the finale.

The important thing to note here is that Riley can find out about Eleanor’s condition on her own, leaving you unable to even make this decision in the first place. If this happens, Riley can still be found at the bus stop during the Spring Festival, but she will have already made up her mind about not going to school. Make sure you don’t accidentally let Riley know about Eleanor in Chapter 2 or 3.

Sign the Affidavit or Risk Taking Pike’s Fear?


This is the last major choice of Chapter 4, and it only affects which side Officer Pike will take at the end of Chapter 5. If you sign the affidavit, then Pike won’t be brave enough to stand up for you in the finale. If you take Pike’s fear, then he won’t be scared of Typhon anymore and he’ll take your side at the council meeting in Chapter 5.

Life is Strange: True Colors is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. A Nintendo Switch version of the game is coming later this year.

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