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Luigi’s Mansion 3: How to Use Gem Finder

Find all the gems with this handy item.

by Kyle Hanson


You collect a lot of stuff in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Coins may be the most common, and of course the goal is to collect all of your kidnapped friends, but there’s so much more. And once you’ve caught all the Boos you will surely turn toward gems, which feature multiple times per floor within the haunted hotel that is the central location of the game. And while you may find most of them on your own, you can always turn to a Gem Finder if you need some help. But while it’s easy to buy, it doesn’t really explain itself very well. So here’s how to use Gem Finder in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to Use Gem Finder

Actually, the answer is that you don’t. Sorry to trip you up, but the Gem Finder is far simpler than you may first expect. However, in that simplicity comes some complication of its own. So here’s how the whole thing works. As soon as you buy a Gem Finder in the shop it will trigger its effect. What this does is highlight the location of a gem on your map. While you may expect that to happen only when you decide, perhaps focusing it on a floor of your choice, that’s not how Gem Finder works in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

As soon as you purchase it it will randomly decide which gem to highlight and pop the icon onto your map. To “use” it then you just need to open the map and see where the gem icon has appeared. What this means is that you should try to save buying Gem Finders for after you’ve cleared up any gems you feel are easy to find. If you’re pretty sure there’s a gem somewhere and you can get to it, try to do that before blowing 1000 coins on one that will just highlight what you already know. However you decide to handle it that’s how to use Gem Finder in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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