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Mafia 3 Guide: How to Change Clothes

by Kyle Hanson


Update: The ability to change clothes has been added to Mafia 3. Here’s how to do it: “As soon as you hit the “Somethin’ I’ve Got To Do” mission, these outfits are available for you to pick your new look. Just head to your safehouse – or any racket hideout you’ve taken over – and head to the wardrobe.”

Originial Guide: Mafia 3 is a huge game full of deep and interesting gameplay mechanics. However, many questions that players have about the game are essentially being answered with “no, you can’t”. We’ve seen this already with a couple of our other guide, such as how to save cars and simply how to save your game manually. Now this is the answer once again for the question of how to change clothes in Mafia 3.

Yes, it is unfortunately true. While Lincoln will change clothes throughout his adventures in Mafia 3, the player has no direct control over it. Instead, the outfit changes are directed by the game, and what mission you are playing. Sometimes Lincoln will need to be stealthy, other times he’ll just wear his usual army jacket. Even when changing outfits, you don’t really unlock them for later use, so you can’t put them back on later if you want to.

This definitely seems like a huge oversight on the part of Hangar 13, the developer of Mafia 3. Open world games are all about freedom and exploration, and a part of that is the ability to customize your character in at least some way. Clothes are probably the easiest way to do this, and we already know that the character models exist for the different sets of clothes featured in the game. Simply giving players the ability to put them back on after the mission is over seems like something that can and should be added to the game.

Mafia 3 is getting some criticism from gamers and critics, so the absence of features like this is being communicated to the developer. We’ll be keeping an eye out for possible updates and patches that will get this feature into the game, so keep checking back for more as the game develops. Hopefully the answer to how to change clothes in Mafia 3 will not be “you can’t” for much longer.

- This article was updated on:April 17th, 2017

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