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Mafia: Definitive Edition – How To Change Outfit

Play through the game in style.

by Dean James


Members of the mob are often known for dressing very well in suits and the characters in Mafia: Definitive Edition is no different. Protagonist Tommy Angelo may be dressing nice already, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to have some choices to choose between when it comes to costumes. The Mafia series has been known for letting you change you outfit throughout the game and Mafia: Definitive Edition is no different when it comes to the Free Ride mode at least.

How To Change Outfit

To change your clothes in Mafia: Definitive Edition, you’re going to have to first unlock the game’s Free Ride mode, which serves as the equivalent of a free roam style mode. This shouldn’t take you too long to do, but you can real more about it in detail in this guide.

Once you have unlocked Free Ride mode, fire it up from the main menu to get started. Lost Heaven is your oyster in Free Ride, but we want to look snazzy before we start to take the city by storm ourselves.

After Free Ride loads up, the first thing you will need to do is head to Salieni’s Bar within Little Italy, which is just where you should spawn the first time you enter Free Ride mode. From there, go inside the bar and head back towards the back area where the pool table is. From there, head to the next room over where you should see the staircase in the image below and use it to head upstairs and open the door on your left.


This is the room you want to be in, as this is exactly where we’re going to get changed. Look for a wardrobe standing upright in the room that you can interact with by pressing X/Square, which has different costumes for you to change into. You will only have a few to choose from here, but there are many more that you can unlock in the game and come back to change into later. Pick your outfit of choice and Tommy will be sporting his new duds immediately as you head back out into Lost Heaven.

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