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Mafia: Definitive Edition – How To Change The Weather

Rain or shine, Tommy Angelo is on the job.

by Dean James


Developer Hangar 13 took the existing Mafia 1 and rebuilt it from the ground up in what is known as Mafia: Definitive Edition. This has also brought with it some new features, including some that are just simple little additions options wise. The original game had changing weather as part of the story, but now Mafia: Definitive Edition has made it possible for you to change the weather in the game yourself. This is possible through the Free Ride mode and this guide will explain just how you can do so in the game.

How To Change The Weather

Mafia: Definitive Edition handles the changing of weather similarly to how you change the time of day that we covered in another guide. Like with that one, start off by heading to Salieri’s Bar, whether you are already there when you load up Free Ride or if you need to make your way over there.

Once you are at Salieri’s Bar, head inside and go upstairs in the building. This staircase can be found in the back part of the bar in the room next to the one with pool tables. If you’re coming from the bar itself into the pool table room, it will be the door on the far right side.

After finding the stairs and heading up them, take a right and head into the door on the right side of the hall. This will bring you into the office area, where you will notice two similar painting on the way to the ones we found when changing the time of day.

Rather than four painting for that one, there are only two of them here. You can interact with either of these two paintings, with the weather on the one you choose affecting the outside weather as well. This means you need to interact with the one that has rain on it if you want it to be raining outside and the interact with the clear one if you want to have sunny weather instead. Like before, it will give you a preview of how it looks outside after you interact with them as well.

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