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Mafia: Definitive Edition – How To Get Away From The Cops

Get them off your tail.

by Dean James


Sandbox games in the style of Grand Theft Auto and the like always give the player tons of freedom to pretty much do whatever they want when it comes exploring the city. However, that is not without consequences when you do break the law in these types of games. That has always been a part of the Mafia series in particular and of course was carried over to Mafia: Definitive Edition. We already covered how to avoid police detection in the game in another guide, but this time we are focusing on how to actually get away from the cops once you are on their radar.

How To Get Away From The Cops

Getting away from the cops in Mafia: Definitive Edition is not a one size fits all situation, but rather one where it is very dependent on the situation and where you are on the map. The game has a star based system that decides how wanted you are by the cops at a time, with one being the least and five being the most like you’d see in Grand Theft Auto as well.

Once the cops are after you, your goal is going to be to try and evade them and get them off of your trail. This can be done in a few different ways, with your type of vehicle playing a big role in this.

The first thing you are going  to want to try is to just try to get away from the cops by driving as fast as you can, which is much more helpful if you have a very fast car. Finding a good straight away and just pushing the pedal to the metal can be a very good method here, as there are some long straight aways that let you just get separation to where they lose track of you.

If you’re using a slow vehicle, such as one that you are required to use in a certain mission, this will be a lot more troublesome. This is because it will be hard to use your vehicle speed to get away from the cop cars.

If you have a slower vehicle or just are in the middle of the town where it’s going to be harder to get a top speed without crashing, you’re going to have to use some ingenuity. First of all, there are actual spots in the city designed for you to lose someone who is on your trail, which are little white markers on the minimap that are a construction zone that you can drive through and prevent the car that’s tailing you from continuing on after you.

If you’re having trouble finding these, the other method is going to be to just use your surroundings to your advantage. When a cop is starting to drive up next to you, bait them into a crash to give you a chance to get out of there before they can get going again. This doesn’t always work, but it gives you a chance to create at least some separation and hopefully allow you to get out of them.

Police detection is a two set process, as they will announce that they can’t find you, but to still be on the look out. This will mean the star rating is gone, but you need to desperately avoid the police for a bit until they give up on the search entirely. If you drive by one of the cops at this point, they will see you and get after you again and start the whole process over.

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