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Mario Kart Tour: How to Add Friends

Add other players to your Friend List

by Kyle Hanson


The Mario Kart series is all about playing with friends. While that’s not really the same with Mario Kart Tour, you do still have a friends list and can add them for various purposes. But while the option is there, the game doesn’t break down the whole process. To help, here’s how to add friends in Mario Kart Tour for Android and iPhone.

How to Add Friends

The first you need to keep in mind when it comes to adding friends in Mario Kart Tour is that the game locks this option off at the beginning. Players will need to know how to unlock Ranking before they even think about how to add friends. Once that key step is over, you can start populating your friend list in the mobile game. Once you’re ready, here’s how to do it.

Simply go into the Settings menu available right from the front page of Mario Kart Tour. There you’ll see the newly unlocked Friends option. Select it and you will see your own 12 digit Friend Code. This is the key to adding or being added as a friend. Share this code with anyone who you might want to add you to their Friend list, and get it from anyone you want added to yours. Once you have the code just enter it here to add that friend to your list.

And that’s how to add friends in Mario Kart Tour for Android and iPhone. Once added you can check up on your Friends to see how they compare in races and you may eventually be able to play against each other, though that feature is not available at this time.

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