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Mario Kart Tour: How to Tier Up

Need to reach tier 5 fast?

by Kyle Hanson


These days pretty much any game that features an online component will have players sorted into tiers. Rank tiers are how most games reward dedicated players while also sorting them into groups based on play time and skill. Ranks are also a great way for games to feature unlockables and various rewards. All of this is true of Mario Kart Tour, the mobile-only release of one of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. So to help you all out, here’s how to tier up in Mario Kart Tour.

How to Tier Up

The answer of course is to play and play well, but let’s break things down a bit more with some added granularity here. Each race you play in a ranked match has the potential to help you tier up. So the first step to doing so is to unlock ranking. Once that’s done just play in the ranked matches as much as possible, focusing on placing high on the leaderboard. The players are then rewarded with higher tiers based on where they placed.

The bottom group, ranks 11 to 20 will simply stay where they were. You can’t lose points or move down by playing poorly, so don’t fret too much if you have a few bad races. Next up, if you rank seventh to tenth place you’ll move up one tier. Fourth to sixth move two tiers, and the top three placements tier up by three. Along with this you’ll earn a bunch of rubies, see how to get more rubies here.

Most people looking to tier up quickly are trying to reach tier 5, one of Mario Kart Tour’s first major challenges. Doing this may take a bit of time, based on how good you are at the game or how lucky you get in your racing opponents. Just keep plugging away at it, racing as well as you can and you’ll reach it eventually. Hopefully that answers all your questions about how to tier up in Mario Kart Tour.

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