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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 How to Unlock New Costumes

Head to the Infinity Rifts to complete challenges to unlock costumes are other items.

by William Schwartz


Each character in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 has the ability to unlock new costumes to use, but you won’t find them unless you venture out of the main story and into the game’s Infinity Rift mode.  In this mode is where you’re going to find unlockable costumes and the challenges that you’ll face to get them won’t be easy.

You can access the Infinity Rifts by heading to the Shield locations on the map or from the main menu.  Once in the Rifts you’ll be able to see just what costumes are available to unlock.  However, just because you can see it doesn’t mean you can get it, yet.  The minimum requirement to start unlocking costumes is being a level 20 on your overall rank.  This rank is not for a specific character but for your progression as a whole.

You’ll need to be a certain level to start unlocking costumes

Once you have reached level 20, you will see when you enter the Rifts that you have access to some new items with character portraits on them and a small clothes hangar.  These are your unlockable costumes.  You’ll need to clear these trials in the Rift to unlock costumes.  The other requirement to unlock these is clearing the challenges in front of them.  Eventhough you may be a high enough level you’ll need to unlock the challenge that are connected to them.  You can’t just skip challenges in the Rift you have to complete those that are between the challenge you start with and the one you want to complete.  After you complete the challenge that has a clear reward of a costume, you can then change your costumes in the team menu once you’ve earned them.

Rifts have multiple costumes to unlock.  Some are hero specific challenges, some are overall challenges which task you with getting a certain amount of stars.  Depending on the costume you’re looking to unlock, you’ll need to play through quite few challenges to get it.

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