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Marvel’s Avengers – Best Iron Man Builds and Skills

These are the best builds and skills for Iron Man.

by Diego Perez


The Invincible Iron Man is one of Marvel’s most popular heroes, and you can play him any way you want in Marvel’s Avengers with the right build. Although most people would expect Iron Man to be an entirely ranged character who flies around the battlefield shooting enemies with his repulsors, Iron Man actually excels at close-quarters melee combat too. Just like most characters in Marvel’s Avengers, the way Iron Man plays comes down entirely to the skills you choose and the build you create. These are the best builds and skills for Iron Man in Marvel’s Avengers.

Iron Man Ranged Build

This build enhances all of Iron Man’s ranged abilities and places ranged attacks at the center of his playstyle. His repulsors hit like a truck with this build, gaining a base damage increase as well as increased critical chance. Headshots also do bonus damage, so make sure you place your shots carefully. Energy Barrier also enhances ranged attacks if you stand near it. This build also places great emphasis on keeping your Intrinsic energy meter full, letting you fire off more shots than ever before.

  • Arc Overload Specialization 1 – Arc Field
  • Arc Overload Specialization 2 – Defensive Field
  • Unibeam Specialization 1 – Omega Beam
  • Unibeam Specialization 2 – Concentrated Fire
  • Hulkbuster Specialization 1 – Hulkbuster Unibeam
  • Hulkbuster Specialization 2 – Energy Star
  • Melee Upgrade  – Air Combat Mastery
  • Takedown Upgrade – Intrinsic Takedown Mastery
  • Ranged Attack Mastery – Critical Expertise
  • Ranged Weapon Mastery– Repulsor Mastery
  • Ranged Weapon Specialization– Repulsor Specialization
  • Ranged Weapon Efficiency– Repulsor Efficiency
  • Arc Reactor Efficiency– Arc Reactor Kinetic Atomizer
  • Arc Reactor Advancement– Perfect Evade Intrinsic Boost
  • Arc Reactor Overclock–  Overcharge Damage Boost
  • Arc Defense Advancement – Reactive Generator
  • Energy Barrier Advancement – Tactical Barrier
  • Flight Mastery – Air Superiority

Iron Man Melee Build

This build allows you to get up close and personal with melee attacks. There are still some abilities that keep your Intrinsic meter topped off, but those are mainly to let you mix close-range repulsor attacks into your combos. Rockets are the ranged weapon of choice for this build, only because they can be fired quickly without precise aiming. Triggering Overcharge will boost your damage and critical chance, and getting multiple unibeam kills in one burst will instantly Overcharge your Intrinsic meter.

  • Arc Overload Specialization 1 –  EMP
  • Arc Overload Specialization 2 –  EMP Amplifier
  • Unibeam Specialization 1 – Precision Refractor
  • Unibeam Specialization 2 – Triple Down
  • Hulkbuster Specialization 1 – Disruption Pulse
  • Hulkbuster Specialization 2 – Hyper Coils
  • Melee Upgrade  – Combo Finisher Mastery
  • Takedown Upgrade – Willpower Takedown Mastery
  • Ranged Attack Mastery – Weapon Efficiency Mastery
  • Ranged Weapon Mastery – Rocket Mastery
  • Ranged Weapon Specialization – Repulsor Specialization
  • Ranged Weapon Efficiency – Rocket Efficiency
  • Arc Reactor Efficiency– Arc Reactor Kinetic Atomizer
  • Arc Reactor Advancement – Perfect Evade Intrinsic Boost
  • Arc Reactor Overclock – Overcharge Damage Boost
  • Arc Defense Advancement – Energized Pulse
  • Energy Barrier Advancement – Tactical Barrier
  • Flight Mastery – Afterburner

These are the best Iron Man builds, but you can also check out our list of the best Ms. Marvel builds if you want to switch characters.

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