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Marvel’s Avengers – How to Switch Characters

You can change heroes at any time.

by Diego Perez


Can’t figure out how to switch characters in Marvel’s Avengers? You can swap between any of the six playable heroes at any time (as long as you’ve already unlocked them), but the place you do so can be a bit tricky to find if you don’t already know how to do it. You can switch your character during mission selection or while roaming the Helicarrier, so you won’t be stuck as a hero you don’t like for too long. Here’s how to switch characters in Marvel’s Avengers.

How to Switch Characters in Marvel’s Avengers

You can switch your character before starting a mission in Avengers. Just press “Select Hero/Companions” while preparing for a mission. This option allows you to choose who you want to be as well as the heroes that will follow you into the mission.


The second way to change heroes is on the Helicarrier. The Chimera is your main base of operations in Marvel’s Avengers, and you can roam the halls of the Helicarrier as any of the game’s heroes. To switch characters aboard the Chimera, simply approach the Hero Selection terminal in the center of the Helicarrier. It’s surrounded by everyone’s rooms and has a giant hologram of the Avengers A hovering above it. You pass by it every time you walk to the War Table or to the vendors, so you can’t miss it. Here, you can swap to any available hero that you have unlocked.

If you’re playing the Avengers Initiative mode, then there is an extra step to switching characters. When you first start out, you are restricted to Iron Man until you complete the initial tutorial. This involves finishing a HARM Room challenge and activating the War Table. This only takes a few minutes at most, and you’re free to use the entire roster of heroes afterward. You cannot have duplicate heroes in Marvel’s Avengers, however, so you cannot use a hero that someone on your team is already playing as. You cannot switch characters during a mission in Marvel’s Avengers, either.

- This article was updated on:September 3rd, 2020

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