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Marvel’s Avengers – Level Cap and Max Power

A lot of grinding awaits.

by Diego Perez


Want to know what the level cap is in Marvel’s Avengers? Each Marvel’s Avengers hero has two levels you’ll need to worry about. hero levels and power levels and two entirely separate numbers, and each allow you to do different things. They’re also both capped at different maximums. Here’s everything you need to know about the maximum hero level and power level cap in Marvel’s Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers Max Power Level Cap

The max power level cap in Marvel’s Avengers is 150. Your total power level is an average of the strength of all your equipped gear. Each hero has their own unique power level, so you will have to reach the maximum with each individual character.


The Avengers power soft cap is set at 130, so no items will drop above 130 base power. You can then boost your gear to power level to 140 by upgrading each of your items. Finally, artifacts can help you reach the hard power level cap of 150. Pushing through those final 20 power levels will take a lot of resources, and you’ll likely hit a roadblock on your Avengers grind at this point.

Marvel’s Avengers Max Hero Level Cap

The max hero level cap in Marvel’s Avengers is 50. Your hero level is increased by completing missions and defeating enemies. There are six characters, each with their own unique hero levels, so you will need to repeat the leveling process six times in total. This will allow you to unlock every skill for every hero in the game. There are a few skills with multiple options you can swap between, but these only cost one skill point in order to ensure you can get everything at the current level cap. This has no bearing on your power level. The two are fully independent of one another.


It’s unknown if the level cap will increase in the future with an update, but it is likely given the history of other similar games like Destiny and The Division. New heroes are already on their way, with Kate Bishop arriving in October and Hawkeye landing in November, so there is plenty of post-launch content to sustain your Avengers grind for the foreseeable future.

- This article was updated on:September 3rd, 2020

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