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Mass Effect Legendary Edition – How to Get More Grenades

Running out of grenades in Mass Effect?

by Kyle Hanson


You have a lot of different weapons to use in Mass Effect Legendary Edition but grenades can be a bit tricky. The shooter staples are handled a bit differently here, depending on whether you’re playing ME1, 2, or 3. And the real problems begin when you run out of the explosive devices. This is especially true in the first game, where they are managed much like other ammunition and can run out quick. So here’s how to get more grenades in Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

How to Get More Grenades in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

This really only applies to Mass Effect 1, since 2 and 3 use grenades in very different ways. With those later games grenades act more like abilities with cooldowns rather than devices you pick up and use. So for them just use them sparingly and try to watch your cooldown to see when you can use them again. But for Mass Effect 1, and especially during certain missions like Zhu’s Hope, you will need to track down more grenades whenever you run out.

While playing through a mission in Mass Effect you can find yourself without any additional grenades. If so, there’s only two things you can do. Search the area for crates which will often hold more grenades for you to use agains the Geth and other enemies. Or kill those enemies via other methods, like good old fashioned shooting, and hope that the loot drop contains some grenades. Unfortunately since Mass Effect doesn’t have crafting or some other way to make your own resources these are the only ways to try to get more, and they are all dependant on the level or luck

So that’s how to get more grenades in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Not the most clear cut method, but it will usually work out better than you expect.

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