Metroid Dread Amiibos – Are They Worth it? What Do They Do?

To get or not to get the Metroid toys.

by Weilong Mao


Need all the help you can get to help Samus survive her escape from Planet ZDR?  Don’t fret because that is exactly what Nintendo is packaging and selling with the 2 pack-set Metroid Dread Amiibos of Samus and her new adversary E.M.M.I. Metroid Dread is the newest release out of the long-running Metroid franchise and half the origin for the portmanteau that is Metroidvania, the term that has become the byword for difficult sidescrollers that entailed exploring and navigating vast 2D landscapes. This article will give you all the information that you need to gauge the benefits and uses that can be gotten out of acquiring the Metroid Dread Amiibos.

What Do Metroid Dread Amiibos Do?

Both associative Amiibos provide different bonuses to the player on their playthrough of the game. The Samus Aran figure will give the player an extra energy tank of 100 HP’s worth, which will help ease the player’s early game journey, whilst they are still familiarizing themselves with the controls and more prone to making mistakes. The E.M.M.I figure on the other hand provides the player with a missile tank +, giving the player some much-needed firepower by giving Samus’ arm cannon 10 more rocket shots.


You can find the tab for scanning Amiibos in the options menu, accessible by pressing – whilst in-game.

Are Metroid Dread Amiibos Worth It?

The bonuses that can be gotten out of both Amiibos are not mutually exclusive to them and can be discovered in an adequate amount within the game itself following some exploration. This requires the player to backtrack to previously visited locations after they have obtained new tools or arsenals, which will help them break through the obstacles that are stopping them from obtaining missile tanks or energy containers laying in secret areas.

For players who are more inclined to run through the game at a faster pace without having to invest as much time into exploring the nook and crannies of Metroid Dread, claiming the rewards from the Amiibos and going on their way might be a more attractive option instead.

From a price standpoint, the two Amiibos are currently only sold in a two-set bundle. This means having to pay the retail price of two Amiibos without getting to pick and choose. It is difficult to ascertain entirely whether or not it is worth paying the price just for the in-game rewards alone, without taking into account the collector aspects of the Amiibo themselves. Suffice to say, players who are having a good time with Dread itself would be more inclined to spend the extra buck on acquiring these Amiibos, out of support for the game and its creators.

For interested players residing in Europe or the UK, the Metroid Dread Amiibos are unfortunately not yet purchasable at their storefronts, due to shipping circumstances. People in those regions will have to either wait until early November or acquire them with the assistance of international shipping.

Metroid Dread is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on October 26th, 2021

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