Metroid Dread: Stuck in Dairon – How to Progress Forward

Dairon gives Samus the chance to unlock the Wide Beam

by Joshua Raymer


After exiting the shuttle from Cataris, your next obstacle is going to be retrieving the Wide Beam from Dairon, the third region visited in Metroid Dread. Luckily, your time spent in this area will be fairly short, and this guide will give you everything you need to know to make it through without hassle.

What to Do If You’re Stuck in Dairon in Metroid Dread


Exit the shuttle and destroy the steel blocks up top

After stepping out of the shuttle from Cataris, you’ll want to head to your left and head through the door. Above you will be a magnetic wall that you should be capable of climbing at this point. Ascend to the floor above and then drop down next to the cracked Speed Booster blocks. On the far left will be a room that seemingly has no exit. However, shoot downwards to reveal the blocks hidden above. At this point, you can travel down and into a save station on your left.


Head through the darkened station until you reach the power room

After saving your game, head to your left again. You’ll want to travel down through the tower until you fall through a floor of Pitfall Blocks. These will prevent you from heading back up, but this is fine for now. Just keep heading left until you found a regular Power Beam Door on the bottom side of the wide-open area. This should open up into a darkened room lacking any power going through it. Head through here and travel up and to your left until you’re at the position Samus is in on the map above. Activate the power station to restore light to Dairon.


Travel right to receive the Wide Beam

After restoring power to the area, head up and to your right. You’ll encounter a door closed shut with a Missile Cover. Blast through it and enter the room adjacent to find the Wide Beam. You’ll now be able to fire three beams at once, as well as push heavy triply-marked boxes that previously blocked your way. Destroy the sections of flooring at the bottom of the room and head outside and to the top of the open space. You’ll find an E.M.M.I. door, and you’ll need to go through it to escape Dairon.


Escape the E.M.M.I. region and backtrack to Cataris

After entering the E.M.M.I. zone, you should see a cutscene play relatively quickly showing this E.M.M.I.’s unique power. In this case, it moves at supersonic speed. Samus isn’t quite that fast at this point in the game, so you’ll have to make use of the shuttle doors to block its way as you progress to your right. Eventually, however, you should escape and enter the room pictured above. From here, blast aside the Wide Beam Box and head back to the save station.

At this point, you’ve done all you can in Dairon until now. Your next objective is to receive the Morph Ball in Cataris. If you’d like extra tips on how to progress through Metroid Dread, including how to find the Morph Ball, you can find other guides by clicking here.

Metroid Dread is available now on the Nintendo Switch, purchasable in-store or through your Switch’s eShop.

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