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Microsoft Flight Simulator – How to Take Screenshots

Many different ways to take beautiful screenshots.

by William Schwartz


Microsoft Flight Simulator is one of the most beautiful flight simulators ever made and it provides ample opportunity to take and share some beautiful moments in the game.  With the world as your canvas, this guide will explain how to take screenshots in Microsoft Flight Simulator regardless of which platform you’re playing.

To best make use of the cameras in the game, you should definitely be familiar with the Drone Controls in Microsoft Flight Simulator, which allows you to pilot a drone that can set-up beautiful framed shots.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot Hot Key

By default there is no hotkey for taking screenshots in Microsoft Flight Simulator.  That said, regardless of whether you’re playing on Steam or just on Windows 10, you’ll have different options to take a screenshot.

Take a screenshot in Steam

If you’re running Steam and the Steam overlay you can hit F12 to take a screenshot.  These will be saved in a couple of different places.  Pressing the key and you will see the confirmation that the screenshot has been saved in the bottom right hand side of the screen..  So where does Steam save screenshots?

Where to find Steam Screenshots

To access your Steam Screenshots you can access them from within the Steam app itself.  Left click on the View tab at the top of Steam, and then scroll down to Screenshots.  This will open the Screenshot Uploader.  Here you can see your recent screenshots.  The options to see them are located at the bottom of the screen.  You can “View Online Library” to view within Steam.  Or, you can view on your disk.  The Steam Screenshots are saved within the Program Files > Steam folder.

Taking a screenshot in Windows 10

If you just want to take a screenshot in Windows 10 you can also do so by pressing the Windows Key + Print Screen button on your keyboard.  There are also other ways to take a screenshot in Windows 10.  You could also use the Windows Key + Shift + S to highlight a specific part of the screen you want to capture.

These files are saved in your pictures library.  This PC > Pictures > Screenshots

Take a screenshot with the Xbox Controller

Simply press the Xbox button on the controller and then use the sticks to navigate to the screenshot icon and then highlight and select this option.  Below that you will find your screenshot in the “Show all captures section”.  You can either access these screenshots from the Xbox app on Windows 10 PC or you can access them where they are saved on your disk.  This is the Videos folder under Captures.

Other ways to take screenshots in Microsoft Flight Simulator

There are other ways to take screenshots in Microsoft Flight Simulator, especially if you use programs like Shadow Play for Nvidia.   The Xbox overlay could also be used to take a screenshot of Microsoft Flight Simulator as well.

Regardless, you’ll need to either use the built-in functionality on your Windows 10 PC or in any of your game overlay products to take a screenshot in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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