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Minecraft – How to Tame Foxes

Taming Minecraft's new cuddly creatures is a bit different than normal.

by Diego Perez


Minecraft has a wide array of cute, cuddly creatures that you can tame and make your own, but one blocky species is a bit trickier to tame than the rest: the Minecraft fox. You can find foxes lounging around in Taiga biomes, hunting for chickens and rabbits when they’re not napping due to their nocturnal nature. Wild foxes cannot be tamed outright, but there are steps you can take to get your very own fox friend.

How to Tame Foxes in Minecraft

Unlike wolves and ocelots, you cannot simply bribe a fox into becoming your friend with some food. They’ll happily accept sweet berries, but they won’t trust you just because you have food. Instead, you’ll have to breed two wild foxes and then tame the much more gullible child. Just give two foxes some sweet berries and let nature run its course. Once a baby fox is produced, it’ll be loyal to you. The problem is, the young fox will still want to follow its parents around.

This is where the arguably most cruel aspect of Minecraft fox taming comes into play. In order to claim the baby fox as your own, you’ll have to separate the poor thing from its parents, otherwise it’ll keep following them around. You’re going to need a lead for this part. Just attach the lead to the baby fox and take it home with you. Now you have your own pet fox in Minecraft! If you don’t have a lead, you can always craft one using four string and a slimeball. Leads also have a decent chance of spawning in chests, and wandering traders will have some that you can “borrow.”

To recap, here’s how to tame a fox in Minecraft:

  1. Approach two wild foxes while crouching
  2. Give each fox some sweet berries to breed them
  3. Wait for a baby fox to be produced
  4. Attach a lead to the baby fox and take it with you

Where to Find Foxes

Minecraft foxes come in two colors: red and white. The red variety can be found in Taiga biomes, while the white Arctic variety spawns in Snowy Taiga biomes. They’re one of Minecraft’s only nocturnal mobs, so you’ll have a much easier time finding them out and about at night. During the day, they tend to look for shady spots to sleep. Keep this in mind you’re looking for some during daylight hours. At nighttime, foxes will sometimes go to villages if one is nearby, so those might be good places to check as well.

- This article was updated on:January 23rd, 2020

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