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Minecraft: Where to Find Clay

Here's how to get this useful building block

by Luna Wilkes


Out of the many blocks available in Minecraft, one of the most versatile ones can be found all around, as we’re looking at where to find clay. Clay is the basis for quite a few building blocks in the game, including one of the blocks that comes available in all of the dyable colors. So if you know where to find this stuff then your options for building increases drastically

Where to Find Clay

To put it simply, bunches of clay typically spawn underwater. You can find some of it just by looking around at the bottom of rivers and ponds, there won’t be much but there will likely be some there. If you want to find a lot more of it though, you’ll need to check places like swamps and the bottom of the ocean. That’s where you’ll be finding the most of it, though it might be a bit hard to get to. There are some enchantments that can help you mine underwater, which will be of great use to you when gathering clay. When you actually break the block it will not drop itself and will instead drop four pieces of clay on the ground. These can however be crafted back into normal clay blocks or you can just use silk touch to gather it up normally.

Crafting With Clay

Clay has two primary crafting uses, bricks and terracotta, which both involve smelting the block in some way. You can get bricks by smelting up the smaller bunches of clay you get when breaking the block normally. This gives you brick items that can be used to craft the rest of the brick blocks. And you can get terracotta by smelting the clay block itself. At that point, you can just surround a piece of dye with the terracotta to color it like you would any other colored block.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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