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Modern Warfare – How to Play Infected

Only available in Private Matches at the moment.

by Diego Perez


Season 1 of Modern Warfare has brought back a ton of fan-favorite modes, including the beloved Infected mode. However, the method of accessing the new mode isn’t super clear, so here’s how to get a game going.

UPDATE: Infected is now available in public matches. It replaced Reinforce, and you can find it on the main page of the Multiplayer menu with the other playlists.

How to Play Infected

Unfortunately, the only new mode from Season 1 that is available in public matches right now is Reinforce. Infected isn’t playable in public games. That doesn’t mean it’s not in the game yet, though. You’ll just have to play it in a private lobby with friends.

To create a lobby, go to the Multiplayer menu in Modern Warfare. Then, create a custom lobby. Switch to the Alternate Modes tab and Infected should be on the list. From there, you can invite some friends and start the game. The game mode will be coming to public playlists in the future, although it isn’t exactly clear when. Other Season 1 content, like the new maps, Vacant and Shipment, and the new Operator, Nikto, have yet to make an appearance in Modern Warfare but are scheduled to be released before the season comes to a close.

What is Infected?

Infected is a game mode that its debut in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. It originally began as a private match game mode before becoming a fully-fledged public game mode in 2012. Since its original appearance, it has gone on to appear in several other Call of Duty titles.

Like most incarnations of the game mode, Infected in Modern Warfare pits a team of survivors against a relentless onslaught of infected players. If a survivor is killed, they switch teams. Players on the infected team are only armed with a knife, but they have increased mobility to make up for it. Survivors have access to guns, but most of them are close-range weapons. The survivors win by remaining alive until the round timer ends, and they lose if they are all killed.

- This article was updated on:December 14th, 2019

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