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Monster Hunter Rise – How To Beat Great Izuchi

Watch out for the little ones.

by Dean James


As the title of the series indicate, Monster Hunter has you hunting various monsters to slay them within a certain amount of time. The latest entry in the series, Monster Hunter Rise, is no different, with a mix of monsters old and new that you can attempt to kill. One of the first monsters you will come across in the game is likely the Great Izuchi and this guide will help you with how to take it down.

How To Beat Great Izuchi

Out of the three monsters that were available in the Monster Hunter Rise demo that released ahead of the game, Great Izuchi was classified as the beginner creature to try and take down. Even with that said, Great Izuchi may still present you a challenge regardless.

When you first come across Great Izuchi, it will also have two smaller Izuchi by its side that can be difficult to manage when all three are attacking you at once. As a result, you will want to start the fight off by taking down the two smaller Izuchi first. Focus on one of them and take them out and then move onto the other. They shouldn’t be too difficult, so just keep attacking and you’ll eventually knock them out. More of these will eventually be summoned, so just rinse and repeat if they happen to show back up.

With the two smaller Izuchi down, that leaves us with just the Great Izuchi left that we can now focus on, at least until more respawn. For the most part, Great Izuchi is pretty predictable with its move set. It has a number of moves that utilize its tail, but the one you really want to look out for is when it does a tail spin three times in a row, which can span a lot of ground when executed. This is one you absolutely need to dodge or block, as it can deal a lot of damage. Otherwise, you just need to watch out for his scratch attacks and spit attacks that can deal some damage. However, the tail moves are the ones that will really knock you out if you aren’t careful.

Make sure to go in and attack pretty often, but also utilize your stamina wisely to duck out if it gets dangerous. Don’t be afraid to back away and heal up if need be too, though the aforementioned triple tail spin attack can bring the monster close to you very quickly. It may take a little time, with it finding some time to run away and having you chase them, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble defeating this one by using the above strategies.

Monster Hunter Rise releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on March 26. Make sure to check out all of our other guides that you can find right here as well.

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