Monster Hunter Rise: How to Change Your Appearance

You don't need to pay money to alter every part of your character's look.

by Brandon Adams , Gordon Bicker
Monster Hunter Rise: How to Change Your Appearance

Monster Hunter Rise players will be very familiar with the urge to change their character’s appearance from time to time as with any game. Fashion becomes an integral part of a lot of gaming communities, Warframe, for example, has a lot of importance built upon cosmetics and what players call ‘Fashion Frame’ when people aren’t busy searching for prime Warframes. Likewise, in Monster Hunter Rise before focusing on the other parts of the experience, you may want to make a few tweaks to your character’s appearance. This article will take you through how to change your appearance in Monster Hunter Rise.

Changing Your Appearance in Monster Hunter Rise

If at any point you feel your character could use a makeover in Monster Hunter Rise you can visit an Item Box to change your appearance. Simply interact with one of the various ones in Kamura Village (one in the Buddy Plaza, the village itself, and Gathering Hub), and select “Appearance Settings,” then “Change Appearance.”

You can completely redo your character, so it’s important to get a few things right during character creation. You can’t alter your face or eyes, and until more DLC voices are released you are stuck with the one you picked. You also cannot change your name, so if you’re unhappy with any of these things you’ll have to create a new character (at least until Capcom adds Appearance Tokens, much as they did in World).


The bits of your appearance you can change in Monster Hunter Rise are still pretty decent. There will be more to choose from as DLC is released for the game, but you’ll have to purchase those to use them. As for what can be changed:

  • Hairstyle
    • Type of hair, and color
  • Eyebrows
    • Color
  • Facial Hair
    • Type of facial hair and color
  • Makeup 1
    • Type of makeup, position, size, color, and color settings.
  • Makeup 2
    • Same as 1
  • Makeup 3
    • Also the same as 1
  • Clothing
    • Your undergarment, and color
  • Voice
    • Can swap it out with any purchased DLC voices, and check the various expressions.

You can change the time of day, move the light source, and cycle the background in the “Change Appearance” interface, much like you could during character creation. Use these tools to get your changes just right before committing to them. There’s no cost to changing your appearance, but be sure to select “Finish” at the bottom to save your changes.

Why Aren’t My DLC Cosmetic Items Showing?

If you do buy DLC cosmetic items you will have to close out of Monster Hunter Rise and then reopen it after downloading them to use them in the “Change Appearance” interface. Be sure to save, then reboot your game to access them from the Courier’s “Add-On Content” menu.

Now that you know how to change your appearance in the game, it’s time to get back to learning how to join quests and enjoy everything that they offer.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on January 22nd, 2023