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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Forge Weapons

Create stronger weapons to face stronger monsters.

by Brandon Adams


Every hunter in Monster Hunter Rise needs a proper weapon, and you’ll want to forge new weapons as you carve up the various monsters roaming the land. Forging a weapon at the Smithy in Monster Hunter Rise is a simple affair, assuming you have all the gory bits and bobs required.

Visit the Smithy in Monster Hunter Rise to forge weapons.

The Smithy in Monster Hunter Rise is your one-stop shop for all your equipment needs, to include forging and improving your weapons. There are a few interfaces and panels in the “Forge/Upgrade Weapon” UI though, so it can get a wee bit confusing.

First, you need to locate the Smithy. There are two in Kamura Village: one outside by the Village quest maiden and Item Chest, and a second within the Gathering Hub through the blue sheets up the stairs. Talk with either to access the “Forge/Upgrade Weapon” interface.

You’ll be asked to picked the weapon type you are looking to forge and/or upgrade, so select the one you are looking to make. You’ll be brought to the Weapon Tree for that weapon, which lists all the currently known weapons in that family you can forge.


Working down the list you’ll notice a tree for each type of monster you’ve slain in Monster Hunter Rise, and some of the more common materials in the game. The first option at the beginning of each tree available has to be forged before you can “upgrade” to the weapons listed deeper inside the Weapon Trees interface. Forged weapons cannot be “rolled back”, since they are the start of each respective tree.

Following the lines will let you know what upgrade paths are available for the base weapon you forged, though you can always “roll back” to a previous stage that splits off into different trees (indicated by the yellow arrow on a node; materials are refunded when you roll back). Highlighting a node will reveal the materials required to forge that upgrade, and anything in red indicates you need more of that material.

The Hammer icon over a node means you can forge that weapon, and X means you lack the materials, a Chest indicates that weapon is in your Item Chest, and no icons on a greyed out node means you have yet to forge the original weapon. The area to the right with the question mark will gradually reveal itself as you progress through the Village quests, or increase your Hunter Rank in Hub quests, unlocking additional weapon upgrades.


If you want to view a simpler interface simply tap L or R to switch to the Weapon List and Upgrade List tabs. The Weapon List tab will display all the base weapons you currently know how to forge, and anything greyed out is missing materials to forge. The Upgrade List will show all the upgrades currently available to the weapons you have forged in Monster Hunter Rise.

Be sure to check the equipment info on the right of the “Forge/Upgrade Weapons” interface to see what each weapons’ Attack, Sharpness, and other stats are to ensure you are crafting the right weapon for your hunts in Monster Hunter Rise. You can even click in the left stick if you want to compare your equipment with a weapon in the Weapon Trees, Weapon List, or Upgrade List.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:March 26th, 2021

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