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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Firecell Stone

An item you will for sure need in High Rank, is some Firecell Stones

by Victor Vellas


If one material is going to be needed a lot when you reach High Rank content in Monster Hunter Rise, that would be the Firecell Stone. Right from the get-go, you will notice that a lot of high-end weapon upgrades, need this specific stone to get to their next tier. Therefore, it is crucial to know where to find Firecell Stones, and how to farm them efficiently.

How and where to find Firecell Stone in Monster Hunter Rise

Unfortunately, you can’t start gathering Firecell Stone right away, the moment you get into an HR mission. The reason for that is that you still haven’t unlocked the map needed for it. Lava Caverns in Monster Hunter Rise is the place where all Firecell Stones are located at, and the map itself is not unlocked until you push a little further into more difficult HR quests.

After you do unlock the specific biome, then it’s time to start farming some stones. They are found from every Mining Outcrop in Lava Caverns, both blue and white. Blue having the most common materials, has less chances to give you a Firecell Stone, with white of course having more chances. However, blue ore deposits are a lot more frequent in the map, making them a good source either way, as you can simply cycle the map with them respawning after a couple of minutes.

There are two things that can increase your Firecell Stone income. First, you need to have the Geologist skill equipped, at level 3. This way, you will earn more items each time you mine. And second, if you are planning getting into an Expedition to farm, check your map status prior. There may be a Mining Outcrops Upsurge, which means that for 10 minutes after you start the quest, you will get a significantly increased amount of ores in general, each time you mine a deposit. If both of these prerequisites are set, you will be swimming in Firecell Stones and other materials like Carbonite Ore, in no time.

Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


- This article was updated on:March 31st, 2021

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