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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Neopteron

These materials are used in many crafting recipes.

by Diego Perez


Gathering materials to upgrade weapons is a huge part of Monster Hunter Rise, but how exactly do you get Neopteron? This is an upgrade material required for some of the weapons in the Kamura tree, most notably the Kamura Sword III. There are a few other items that require Neopteron, and it’s actually fairly easy to obtain. It comes from small monsters, so you can just go on a quick Expedition Tour and get what you need within minutes. Here’s how to get Neopteron in Monster Hunter Rise.

How to Get Neopteron in Monster Hunter Rise

Neopteron is actually a type of monster, not a specific crafting material. If you see this listed on a crafting recipe, you can harvest materials from any monster that is classified as Neopteron. This includes Alatroth and Bnahabra, two small monsters that can be found just about anywhere. To get Neopteron, slay these monsters and harvest any of their materials.

The materials you harvest do not matter. Any drop from these creatures will satisfy the Neopteron requirement. You can find Alatroth and Bnahabra in the Shrine Ruins, Frost Islands, Sandy Plains, and Flooded Forest, so keep an eye out for them on your next quest or Expedition Tour to these areas. There’s also a two-star village quest called “Case of the Creepy Crawlies” that requires you to slay 14 of either monster. This is an easy way to get Neopteron and it’s easily the most efficient method of farming these monsters if you have the quest unlocked.


Again, any parts from these monsters will suffice in a crafting recipe that calls for Neopteron. It works this way because Neopteron is not a specific upgrade material but rather an upgrade material type. When you see an upgrade material type listed in a crafting recipe, check your Hunter’s Notes to see which monsters fit the type you need.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch. A PC version of the game is scheduled to release in 2022.

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