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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Sheathe Weapon Fast

Escaping fast is always a wise choice.

by Victor Vellas


Your main goal in Monster Hunter Rise is to hunt giant creatures with a plethora of efficient weapons, but, a wise hunter knows when the time has come to sheathe your weapon and call it a day, until an opportunity rises. To know how to sheathe your weapon fast in Monster Hunter Rise is equally important as to know which is your highest damage combo. Monster behavior can more often than not be rather unpredictable, making the knowledge of when to retreat, vital in a hunt. Therefore, let’s see how you can sheathe your weapon the fastest possible, when needed.

How to sheathe your weapon fast in Monster Hunter Rise (MH Rise)

To start things, we need to know the basics. The same way you can draw your weapon and start attacking with it, you can also command your hunter to hide it. The weapon can be drawn with various ways, but simply clicking the basic attack button, X, can do the trick. At any time your weapon is into your hands, if you stand still or walk/run, you can click Y and your weapon will be sheathed. The Y button is also used for using items from your Item Bar, so watch out to not spam it, as you may waste some important ones.

That covers the very basic way of putting your weapon away in Monster Hunter Rise, but we are not here for that. What we need, is to know how this simple process can be done even faster, to save ourselves in a pinch when needed. Sheathing your weapon fast can literally determine a life or death situation, as there are many times where you need to run away quickly, to avoid a certain attack. The most easy way to do this, is instead of clicking Y, to keep the ‘Run'(R if you haven’t changed the default control scheme) button pressed while the weapon is drawn. This way, not only you will start getting away in a heartbeat, but you will sheathe your weapon as well and continue running. As you get used to this, you will barely use Y anymore to do this action, as it makes things way easier.

Afterwards comes the Wirebug and its handy features. A lot of weapons have signature Silkbind abilities that let them sheathe the weapon in an instant, like for example Great Sword’s Power Sheathe. For slower weapons like the one we just mentioned, this is an extremely helpful method to retreat fast. You need to experiment with all of the weapons to see their Silkbind abilities, as each of them have their own. However, there is one move that is tied to your hunter instead of the weapon, which can be activated by clicking ZL+B anytime you are being knocked out by a monster. Before or after you hit the ground, simply press that combination and your hunter will be up to his or her feet in an instant, with the weapon sheathed. This is something you are going to use a lot, so make it a habit right away.

Lastly, there are certain abilities that speed up the weapon sheathing process, which can be activated from your specified gear. You can even equip a skill that power ups the first hit of your weapon after being brawn, making it a godsent for Great Sword builds and the likes.

With that, we covered every way you can sheathe your weapon fast in the field. Monster Hunter Rise is set to release on March 26, for the Nintendo Switch. For more guides about the game, make sure to check our extensive list right here.


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