Monster Hunter Rise: How to Start USJ Event Quest

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by J.T. Isenhour


Monster Hunter Rise is no stranger to collaboration events. These events always breathe new life into the game by adding not only fun cosmetics to wear but by adding new ways to take on foes you are already used to farming. The USJ event is a big event for Monster Hunter Rise that many players are looking forward to. Of course, before you can even being farming the event you will need to have access to it. We’ve already gone over when you can expect the event to release, but now we are going to explain how you actually get the event quests when they are available.

How to access the USJ Event Quests in Monster Hunter Rise

Once the USJ quests are released they won’t just appear on the quest board. You will need to do a bit before you can start farming for your gear. Once your game has been updated, you will need to make your way toward the Courier in the main village. This will be a Palico right beside the chief’s house.

Inside of the menu, you will need to go to the downloadable content section. It should be an automatic process after that, as the game will give you any available content that you don’t already in. In this case, it should download the USJ quest pack which will have two quests in it.


With the quest pack downloaded, you will need to make your way into the gathering hub and use the quest counter in there to take on these quests. It should be noted that these quests are Hunter Rank 7 so you will want to be at least that rank to take them on.

With the difficulty of these quests, you will definitely want to bring other hunters along. Once you manage to beat the quest you should be rewarded with Azure Era Gems. These are what you need to forge any of the USJ event gear. If you need any more help with Monster Hunter Rise make sure to check out our other guides.

Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Nintendo Switch and the PC.

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