Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Time: When Does the DLC Drop on PC and Switch?

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by Elliott Gatica


The highly acclaimed Monster Hunter Rise is finally going to get its first major expansion. Players who enjoyed the new direction the franchise is taking from World are going to be eating well. With Sunbreak on the horizon, eager fans both on PC and Switch are going to want to know when exactly the time it’ll release. Here’s what we know.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Release Time

From what we know, the expansion will come out on June 30 on PC and Switch. However, like most major releases, release times are a bit different because this game has a major online component and undergoes maintenance. Sunbreak should come out at 9 PM PST/11 PM CST on Wednesday the 29th and 12 AM EST on Thursday the 30th.

While we have no exact confirmation that this will be the case, Sunbreak’s page on Steam says that its release date is on June 29, 2022. The same can be assumed on Switch if the expansion will come out at the same time on both platforms.

Pre-Order Bonuses for Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

If you are looking to play Sunbreak the moment it drops, you most likely will or already have pre-ordered it. You will receive a Layered Armor set for your Palamute and Palico. It does not matter which version of the expansion you get. If it’s the Standard, Deluxe, Double Deluxe, or Collector’s Edition, you will receive the aforementioned items.

Of course, physical versions will most likely release and delivered physically to your home if you buy those versions. You won’t be able to play at the time when it comes out.

Is Sunbreak Standalone Content?

No, this is not a standalone DLC. You will need to have the base version of Monster Hunter Rise. You’ll also need to complete the High-Rank 7-Star quest “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” before starting the new DLC. It may take you some time, but this expansion will build off of the already existing game, meaning there will be harder content ahead.

Monster Hunter Rise is currently out for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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