Monster Hunter Rise Zenny Farm: Best Ways to Earn Money Fast

Check out how to get Zenny fast in Monster Hunter Rise

by Franklin Bellone Borges


In Monster Hunter Rise, as players grow and level up, they will need to constantly change their gear to adapt to the many challenges ahead, after all, each monster has its own strengths and its own weakness. With that said and to help you get all the Zenny you need to form your ultimate build, here are a few things you can do to earn large amounts of Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise.

Complete Quests

Monster Hunter Rise allows its players the chance to take part in many quests, some of which reward them with a considerable amount of Zenny. Taking part in quests will also give you the opportunity to explore many different regions and get a wide amount of resources, many of which can be sold for a considerable amount. If you are looking to get the most Zenny out of a quest, we advise you to go solo.

Also, before going on a quest sure to reward you with a large sum, we recommend that you order a Wealthy Man Dango at either the Tea Shop or the Canteen, as doing so will increase the chance of the consumable having the Dango Money Maker skill, which increases your reward by 90%.

Find and Sell Ores

Apart from taking part in quests, MH Rise players are also able to take part in Expedition Tours, which allows them to free roam in many of the game’s areas. With that said, you can use the opportunity to go to mining areas, where you can get access to a wide amount of materials, many of which can be sold for large sums. The way to farm using this method is simple, just go the area, gather as much ore as you can and then sell it all. You can also increase the number of items you can gather by using pieces of armor with the Geologist skill.

Take Part in the Lava Caverns Expedition

Taking into account what we said above, the Lava Caverns Expedition is considered by many as the best ore mining spot in the game, as it features a large number of ores and allows you to get them fast. Doing the expedition during an Upsurge, to maximize your earnings, is advised.

Sell Argosy Items

During your many travels, you will come into contact with many Account Items, all of which will give you Kamura Points upon the end of the specific quest. With that said, finding the items and gathering a wide amount of Kamura Points is advised, as you can also farm Zenny in Monster Hunter Rise by going to the Argosy and buying lots of expensive Crystals using them. The Crystals can then be sold for a great price.

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Monster Hunter Rise is currently available for the Nintendo Switch and on PC. The PC version of the title can be brought exclusively on Steam, for $59.99.

- This article was updated on January 17th, 2022

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