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Mortal Shell – How to get Spectral Tokens

It's justified hoarding

by Abdul Saad


Spectral Tokens are useful items in Mortal Shell that boosts your damage output after being struck while hardened. Much like any other item in the game, its effectiveness increases the more you use it. As such, it is one of the most useful combat-based items in the game.

How to get Spectral Tokens

The most straightforward method of acquiring Spectral Tokens is looting them from enemies, especially from the Slaves of Scorn enemy type, found around the Abandon Chamber. However, the drop rates are uncertain, and you’ll have to have RNG luck on your side to acquire an adequate amount by farming them.

Spectral Tokens can also be found in chests around the world. One can be found in the Falgrim area to the left of the Abandoned Chamber, and another can be found inside the chamber itself behind two ghouls you’ll have to fight. There are also three chests with the item in the Enshrined Sanctum. One inside a small opening in the frozen room, and two at the entrance of Martyr’s Crypt. Finally, one can also be found at the start of Martyr’s Crypt.

While you can only find a limited amount using this method, it is still a wise choice to pick them up regardless.

The final and easiest method of acquiring Spectral Tokens is buying them from The Corrupted Ganessa. The Corrupted Sester is basically a clone of Sester Genessa but with a red mask and can be found earlier on in the game, at the Eternal Narthex temple. She sells Spectral Tokens for two Glimpses each. However, she only has 20 Tokens in stock, so use them wisely.

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