MW3 Zombies Same Day Delivery Guide: How to Destroy the Enemy Helicopter

Get to the choppa before the choppa gets you!

by J.R. Waugh
MW3 Zombies Same Day Delivery How to Destroy Enemy Helicopter
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You’ve made it to Act 2 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Zombies mode and are ready for the next challenge. But in the MW3 Zombies ‘Same Day Delivery’ mission, you might be wondering what the best ways are to destroy the enemy helicopter, and here’s how you can!

How to Destroy the Enemy Helicopter in MW3 Zombies

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It’s easiest to destroy the enemy helicopter with a squad or at least one teammate using the Cargo vehicle’s mounted gun in MW3 Zombies. When you or your squadmates start driving the vehicle, one player, ideally whoever has the mission, needs to hop on the mounted gun and fire at it while it chases you.

The driver must keep driving but not reach the objective. If you get too close to the objective, the helicopter retreats. In the interest of having a squad helping with this, having fellow AOTF writer Thomas Cunliffe at the wheel was a big help.

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

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The mounted gun on your cargo vehicle is a joke in how quickly it overheats, with 8-10 round bursts often doing it in, but as long as your driver keeps your vehicle moving, this is a piece of cake. I’ve tried soloing this mission, and while Deadbolt Turrets are also a worthy potential solution, you’d have to kite the helicopter over to it.

How to Complete the Same Day Delivery Mission in MWZ

The Same Day Delivery mission focuses on the Cargo Delivery contract in MW3 Zombies, with a stopwatch icon marking it on the map. The objectives for this mission are as follows:

  • Complete a Cargo Delivery Contract
  • Destroy the enemy helicopter chasing the Cargo Delivery vehicle
  • Destroy the Cargo Delivery vehicle after contract completion
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Just destroy the helicopter and then move to the objective marker for this contract where your cargo will be automatically picked up, and you’ll complete this mission in one run. Disembark from the vehicle, and unleash all the rage you have about its pitiful mounted gun, and it’ll blow up in seconds.

- This article was updated on November 13th, 2023

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