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NBA 2K20 How to Change Face and My Player Appearance

You can always change your looks in the Appearance menu.

by William Schwartz


NBA 2K20 allows players to create their own likeness to add into the game in the My Player mode.  In this mode you’ll take your My Player from College to the NBA.  However, there are multiple ways to create a player in My Player.  You can select from pre-made character models, or you can use the 2k app and scan your face into the game.

Regardless of which you choose to use, you can edit your player model and changing your face or other features throughout the course of the My Player mode.

To change your face or other features of your My Player you will need to head into the My Player menu and select the “My Player Appearance” option.  In this menu option you will then select the My Player Appearance item.  Opening this will allow you to change the face of your player as well as options like hair, skull shape, eyebrows, eyes, ears, facial hair, and skin tone.

If you choose one of the presets, this process should be pretty easy.  Just select a new face from the list of preset faces.  However, if you want to upload your own image, you will need to download the 2k app from the App store or Play store.

Then you’ll need to capture your face by turning your head and capturing pictures from multiple angles.  Just how good this turns out depends on the lighting in your room, how slowly you move your head, and other factors.  If you don’t like the capture you can always reset it by doing the capture again and reloading your new scan into the game in this menu.

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