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New Pokémon Snap – How to Get Illumina Orbs on Every Island

Where are the Crystabloom, how to unlock Illumina Orbs

by Kyle Hanson


Like so many other games in the series, New Pokémon Snap features its own brand new mechanic called Illumina Orbs. It feels like every new game in the franchise finds some mysterious aspect of Pokémon physiology for the player to explore. This one is pretty cool though, with the orbs allowing you to give the little critters some glow and often a new pose. But to use them, you first have to unlock all of them. Here’s how to get Illumina Orbs on every island in New Pokémon Snap.

How to Get Illumina Orbs

The process of unlocking Illumina Orbs is the same on every island, with one slight variation each time. The player will unlock the level and begin adventuring around the first stage. Along the way they’ll see some clues as to how the Illumina phenomenon works. The key though is the Crystabloom flowers you’ll find one each level. Find this, and you’ve found the method of unlocking the Illumina Orbs on each island in the game.

All you need to do to unlock each island’s Illumina Orb is take a picture of the Crystabloom flower on each stage. Once you do, it might not immediately open up the ability to use the powerful devices, but it will soon so just be patient. For example, on the first level, Florio Nature Park, you’ll be walked through the process once you reach a certain point. However, later islands might not do this, so we have the locations all listed below.

Where to Find Crystabloom Flowers

  • Florio Island – Florio Nature Park (Night): To the left, next to the buried Pinsir
  • Belusylva Island – Founja Jungle (Night): Next to sleeping Quagsire at the end of the level
  • Voluca Island – Sweltering Sands (Night): Before sliding down the hill, after seeing the oasis, look for the glowing cliff on the right. Look back and wait if you miss it
  • Maricopia Island – Lental Seafloor (Undersea): Behind the sleeping Lumineon in the seaweed to the right after starting the level. Throw Fluffruit at it to wake it up and make it move
  • Durice Island – Shiver Snowfields (Night): Halfway into the stage you will circle a large open area. Look inside the crevice and be ready, it only appears for a short time
  • Aurus Island – Ruins of Remembrance: Right at the beginning. Turn around after the pack of Eldegoss fly by to find the Crystabloom up on the canyon wall

And that’s how to get Illumina Orbs on every island in New Pokémon Snap by finding where the Crystabloom are on each stage.

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