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New Pokémon Snap – How to Raise Research Level Fast

by Kyle Hanson


Points are important in any video game, but for New Pokémon Snap they are tied to the all important Research Level. This isn’t your character’s XP level like in an RPG, but it’s pretty similar. Instead of boosting your ability, this measures your effort and skill at taking photos. It’s a key part of unlocking new stuff in the game, so here’s a quick rundown of how to raise Research Level fast in New Pokémon Snap.

How to Raise Research Level Fast in New Pokémon Snap

Your Research Level is all about how many Expedition Points you’ve earned on that particular stage. Whether it’s in its day, night, or Illumina form matters here as well, so focus on each as needed to raise the right Research Level. All you need to do to earn Expedition Points is to take photos of Pokémon, but which ones and what they’re doing matters a lot.

How to Earn Expedition Points Quickly

You can get Expedition Points and raise your Research Level by scoring more points on the photos you take. However, only each star rank for each Pokémon species in the level can be counted. In short, this means for each Pokémon on the level you can get the score and Expedition Points for 4 total photos (one for each star). We have guides for a bunch of the Pokémon so check those out to find out how to get the proper actions in your shots, and reference this guide for how to get high scores on your photos as well.

Once you know how all of that works the rest is easy. Pick whichever level you want to raise the Research Level of then try to get pictures of new Pokémon, or of old ones in new poses and performing unique actions. You will earn Expedition Points for these photos. If they’re new you will earn them all, if you have a previous photo you will get any additional points you earned above the previous score. All of this will be added to your total for the stage and eventually raise your Research Level once you hit the proper threshold. Which you’ll want to do since that’s a key component to how you unlock new levels.

And that’s how to raise Research Level fast in New Pokémon Snap, as well as an explanation about Expedition Points.

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