New World Flame Core Forge Location – How to Farm Flame Core

Somehow it retains its heat indefinitely...

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you wondering about the New World Flame Core forge location and how to farm Flame Core? Flame Core is a new crafting resource added in Season 1 for many activities like upgrading Ward trophies and the Heart Rune of Firestorm to legendary. However, you will need a ton of Flame Core to do so, and coming across them will take time. So here is the best way to farm Flame Core in New World.

The Best Flame Core Farm Locations in New World

There are three different ways you can farm Flame Core in New World. While it is recommended you do all three to maximize your profits, you can pick or choose depending on your playtime available and playstyle preference.

Farm Flame Core by Completing Expeditions

The best location to Farm Flame Cores in New World is by running the Empyrean Forge expedition. This is because the mobs found here will drop Flame Cores as loot, which means you will get a ton of them for just completing it. In addition, this expedition also has a ton of chests that have a 50% chance of containing additional Flame Core.

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Farm Flame Core by Exploring Open World Locations

If you don’t like running the same expedition repeatedly or can’t find a good party, there are three zones you can solo and farm Flame Core from. You will find Flame Core in these locations by looting supply stockpiles. The additional Flame Core farm locations in New World are in the new Varangian area:

  • Arcadia Keep
  • Attalus Foundry
  • Crystal Cavern

The best way to farm these three locations is by adding them to your daily rotation, and you will have many Flame Core before you know it.

Farm Flame Core by Completing the Rewards Track

You will also earn 45 Flame Core on the Season 1 Reward track. While this doesn’t seem like a lot, it can help supplement any additional Flame Core you may need in a pinch.

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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