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New World Hemp Locations: Best Places to Find Hemp

Here's where to find hemp in New World.

Being able to collect hemp in New World is necessary to level your harvesting, weaving and armoring skills. Since it is the early game resource for crafting light armor it is scattered around the world and can be easy to find once you know what you are looking for. Most of the time, hemp will spawn in clusters of three to five nodes you can harvest. Once you have a set of nodes you like to harvest you can make a habit of running past them from time to time and keep yourself stocked up on hemp.

Where to Find Hemp in New World

Hemp can be found in any forest or grassland biome in the game. The harvest model for hemp can vary in size, but the plant is always topped with purple lilac flowers. Normally hemp plants will spawn in clusters, so finding any hemp will give you more than one node to harvest. While you are harvesting the hemp you can take the time to look around you and see if you can spot another cluster nearby.

The locations below are all short distances from one of the three starting locations in the game. Each of these locations should provide enough hemp for your early crafting needs and can be harvested as you are leaving towns to visit other territories as you progress in the game.

Monarch’s Bluff Hemp Locations

If you make your way outside of the Monarch’s Bluff toward the small island to the west, you will find plenty of hemp. More particularly, you will be looking around the northern half of Werna Isle. You will need to cross through a small fishing village with level seven enemies. No other threats should stand in your way after that.


First Light Hemp Locations

Going just a bit north of the First Light settlement you will find Dayspring Mills. Hemp can be found around the outside of the mills. Since the hemp is on the outskirts of the area, none of the enemies at the mills should bother you. Even if they do attack, they are low enough level to not pose much of a threat.


Windsward Hemp Locations

To find hemp around Windsward you will need to go west again. This time you will be going to Primrose and the surrounding grassland. While Primrose has no real enemies that spawn there you will need to be mindful of corruption events. They can spawn around the area and bring with them level 25 enemies.


Of course, these are not the only places you can find hemp in the game. You can find hemp all over the world as long as you are in the right biome. These locations are just good for starting out and familiarizing yourself with the plant so you know what to look for as you explore the rest of New World. With all this hemp you collect, you can start to level your armoring skill and craft light armor. If you want to craft heavy armor you will need iron ore, check out our guide on where to find iron ore so you can start to stockpile that as well.

New World is available now on PC.

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