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Nier Replicant: Forest of Myth Deathdream Answers

Solve some simple riddles to progress.

by Diego Perez


When you arrive in the Forest of Myth in Nier Replicant, you’ll find that the people are afflicted by a sickness called the Deathdream. The Deathdream is an illness that forces the villagers to fall asleep and live forever in the world of their own dreams. To help these people, you have to enter their dreams in the form of a text adventure and solve puzzles to wake the villagers from their slumber. You only need to help the mayor to progress with the main story, but there are other villagers in need of assistance as well. Here are all the answers to the Forest of Myth riddles in Nier Replicant.

Nier Replicant Forest of Myth Answers

  • One with it is lacking. Two with it is ideal.
    Three with it is dangerous. What is it?

    • The answer is … a secret
  • I enter through the window, but break no glass.
    When night falls, I vanish. What am I?=

    • Sunlight!
  • I have four legs in the morning and two at noon, but end the night with three. What am I?
    • A man

After successfully answering the three riddles for the mayor and returning from the Deathdream, you’ll receive the Dark Execution Sealed Verse. There are still other villagers afflicted by the Deathdream, though, so you have some more riddles to solve.


How to Escape the Castle

One of the villagers afflicted by the Deathdream is dreaming of a castle which they must escape. You’ll see descriptions of the rooms you’re in before being forced to choose a direction to go in. When you see “I squint down the dim corridors…” you can choose from any of the directions listed. Go in these directions in this order to successfully make it out of the castle.

  • … and proceed north.
  • … and proceed east.
  • … and proceed north.
  • … and proceed east.
  • … and proceed north.

Alpha, Beta, or Gamma?

The other villager in the Forest of Myth has a much more complicated puzzle. It’s a very famous logic puzzle, so you may have seen it before.

  • Only one form is real. The others are false.
    The real form will always speak the truth.
    The false ones will only speak lies.

    • The real one is Beta.

If you’re unfamiliar with this logic puzzle, then Weiss will explain it once you select the right answer. Once you’ve helped both villagers, return to the Mayor and you’ll receive a sword called Faith as a reward. You’ll need all 33 weapons in the game to get some of Nier Replicant’s endings, so this is a necessary side quest if you want to see the full Nier story.

Nier Replicant is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

- This article was updated on:April 25th, 2021

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