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Nioh 2 – How to Respec

Perfect your build with a timely reset of your skills and levels.

by Brandon Adams


Nioh 2 has an overwhelming amount of skills to level up, and considering how long it can take to find a play-style people want to know how to respec. You’ll need to play a couple of main mission before you can do so, but once unlocked it’s only a matter of money and patience.

You can respec in Nioh 2 with the Book of Reincarnation.

If you wish to respec in Nioh 2 you will first need to unlock the Blacksmith. She can be found within the first handful of missions, so gaining access to the Blacksmith won’t take you long. Once you have rescued her she can be accessed via the Starting Point on the map. Once you are in her menu look for the Buy and Sell sub-menu, and look for the Book of Reincarnation under Items.

The book will cost you 10,000 coins, which can be a small fortune for early players. Never fear: selling equipment earned in the field and killing enemies will bolster your reserves in little time. Though, you may want to wait until you have settled on a play-style you like before committing to a respec. You also cannot respec in the field, so you’ll need to figure out what build you wish to run before setting off on an adventure.

The Book of Reincarnation will reset all skill points and Anima points (the attributes you increase at shrines whenever you level up). So, you should know what sort of armor and weapons you are planning to run with before you go nuts with respecs. That said, the book will remain on offer in the Blacksmiths shop should you change your mind or desire a fresh change of pace.

That’s how to respec in Nioh 2. Play around with the different weapons, armor, and skills on offer to find what jives with you, then use the Book of Reincarnation to lock it all in.

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