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No Man’s Sky: How to Add Multi-Tool Slots

They don't come cheap, but they're worth your time.

by Brandon Adams


No Man’s Sky Origins has brought Hello Game’s space-exploration game closer to the vision promised way before launch, and two of the new additions are additional slots and a class upgrade option for your multi-tool. They may not be as eye-catching an addition as all the new planetary and proc-gen changes, but they’re substantial no less. Multi-tool tech is a must have, and extra slots go a long way.

Multi-tool slots can be added at the multi-tool vendor in space stations within No Man’s Sky.

When you enter a space station in No Man’s Sky head to the left (assuming you are facing the rear of the station, and not the exit). On this side you’ll find the component vendors, including the one for multi-tools. Just look for the multi-tool panel if you get confused, but he is in the center.

To upgrade your multi-tool in No Man’s Sky you’ll need to interact with the new upgrade station to the vendor’s right. It’ll have a hologram floating below the display, and interacting with the station will bring up three options. The first will allow you to add a new slot for free, but you’ll need a “Multi-Tool Expansion Slot” to select this. These can be found on planets, but both myself and the community are still looking for them. Expect these to be rare.

The second option allows you to buy a new slot for credits, but it’ll be costly. As you can see in the screenshot I used as this guide’s featured image, my first slot will cost an outstanding 50-million credits. Okay, that may be chump change for some of you No Man’s Sky veterans out there (thanks Cobalt market!), but new and returning players will need to do some grinding.

- This article was updated on:September 24th, 2020

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