Nobody Saves the World Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends

Horses and Rats Unite!

by J.R. Waugh


Nobody Saves the World is an excellent, fun take on the RPG genre with clear influences from developer Drinkbox Studios‘ prior projects and dungeon crawlers like Diablo.  This game can be tackled for some quick adventure in Solo Play, or quicker, potentially chaotic, runs in Co-Op with a friend online.  The game is incredibly fun if a tad short to play through, but this is made up for with a unique art style, excellent world design and animation, and memorable characters.  But how easily can you expect to jump into the action with a friend?  Read more to find out how to play Co-Op in Nobody Saves the World.

Nobody Saves the World Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends


It turns out to be easy to set up a co-op in this game, as it’s clear and on display in the start menu.  If you’re playing either on PC or Console, you simply select Online Co-Op from the menu and select either Create or Join Game.  From the Create menu, you can simply choose either to start from an empty game file or resume play on an existing one, through which your partner can share your progress and advancements.  You can even help them beat the game for their first time with ease through this.  To invite a player you simply press Y or the corresponding Invite button on the screen below and then use the console or Steam menu to select the friend you wish to join you.

Should you choose to join a friend’s game, there’s a streamlined list of hosts available depending on which friends are online in the game, and you simply choose the one you want to join.  It is that simple to get started.  The rest of the game is all in your hands.

This concludes our Co-Op guide, Nobody Saves the World Multiplayer Guide: How to Play With Friends.  Get on with your best buddy and tear it up as warriors and mages, or find love as a horse!  And be sure to enjoy this game as much as possible, as it’s currently included on Game Pass at no extra cost!  Be sure to enjoy and check out more articles like this below!

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