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Noita – How to Heal

Make it further by staying healthy and alive

by Kyle Hanson


Noita, like many other roguelikes and roguelites, will kill you a lot. It’s not personal, the game is just really tough. Especially early on as you figure out how this pixelly world works and how to make your way through it. Despite being the tiniest main character of all time (citation required), you’ll still get sniped out of the air a bunch and eventually fall due to lack of health. There are ways to heal up though, but they are few and far between. Let’s break them down here, explaining how to heal in Noita.

How to Heal

Under normal circumstances there aren’t any ways to heal while playing through a level of Noita. Instead healing is relegated to the safe areas between stages, which you’ll enter after finding the large purple exit out of the stage you started in. Here you’ll pick up powerup, as seen above, which will restore your health and magic. Whatever your maximum health is will be what you receive, so if you get a chance to increase that you should probably take it. There are other ways to heal in Noita though, they just require some luck.

Various perks can be discovered either between stages or during them and some will impact your health. There’s not really a healing perk or anything as easy as that, but you will have options. Some perks give you extra max HP while others will double the amount of health you receive when filling back up to maximum. But the one that offers the most healing potential long term is Vampirism, which will lower your max health but let you drink blood to heal.

So those are that is how to heal in Noita. As with most things in the game whether you encounter them or not is totally up to the seed you end up with. Planning isn’t the key, being agile is.

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