Not a Password at All: Atomic Heart Quest Guide

The password appears to be not a password at all...

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to open the lock to complete the Not a Password at All quest in Atomic Heart? While chasing Petrov in the Theater, you will come across this quest, and to proceed, you must find the dead engineer and his password to unlock this door.

However, the engineer and the password are not on the same floor as the combination lock and can be tricky to find. Don’t worry, though. We have the engineer’s exact location and code, plus the code itself, so you can unlock this door and proceed with finding Petrov. Here is a Not a Password at All: Atomic Heart Quest Guide.

Atomic Heart Not a Password at All

Here are the instructions you need to find the password to unlock the door and proceed further into the theater to find Petrov.


You will find the Engineer and the password to the combination lock in the Coat Check area of the Theater, which you can reach by going up the stairs with the tapestry on the wall.


Next, head towards the door where the white reticle is pointing in the above picture. You will know you are in the right place if you find the “Mutiny, or ‘The World vs. Steafan'” chirper inside. You will find a door inside this room that needs to be picked to open.


Once you have opened the locked door, you will see this room.


The Engineer and the password will lie at the room’s end.


Head back down the stairs with the tapestry, and you will be in this room. You need to go upstairs using the fallen debris.


Next, you need to look for this locked door, which is in between a window and a picture of a dancer.


Enter the above combination into the door, and you will unlock it.

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After solving this electrical node puzzle, you can proceed further into the Theater.

- This article was updated on February 24th, 2023