OlliOlli World: Using Manuals for Better Combos

Manuals are the glue that holds your combos together.

by J.R. Waugh


OlliOlli fans are eager to break into the latest skateboarding adventure in OlliOlli World which is set to come out on February 8th.  For those who are looking to play for the first time or folks who are more familiar with the OlliOlli franchise, players will want to know the most efficient ways to get their scores higher.  The single most important factor is creating combos, and aside from simply executing moves straight out of Trickipedia’s special tricks section, you’ll want to know how to hold those combos together.  The most important move you’ll have at your disposal at any given level, whether there are rails or walls to ride on or not, is the Manual landing.  Read on for our guide to Using Manuals for Better Combos in OlliOlli World!

OlliOlli World: Using Manuals for Better Combos

Manual landings, or just Manuals, are simply executed when you’re about to land on solid ground by pressing A/B/X or the same button you would use to Push, while tilting left or right on the left stick.  The closer you time it to when you land, the better additional bonus you’ll get (Good or Perfect) but overall even if you do it too early you’ll pull it off and keep your combo going.  For novice players, it’s important to remember that you’ll improve your timing and dexterity in the game eventually, and if pulling off a Manual too early is easier and keeps you in the game, go for it.


For players who have gotten comfortable with these, you’ll want to remember not to get greedy.  As Malik in Sketchside puts it in the game, you have a “balance” of Manuals you can use before the combo breaks.  This balance is three Manuals, and if you try to execute the fourth it’ll just land normally and you’ll essentially cash in whatever points you got so far but the combo ends.  This can break your run entirely, and you must remember to use them sparingly, as any given level will typically belong with enough set pieces to Grind, Wallride, or pull off Firecrackers and keep the combo alive.

Whether you’re in Sunset Valley and are on long stretches of boardwalk or at Burntrock and miss a rail, keep the Manuals at the ready and keep a steady count of how many you have to spare.  The game even alerts you with an exclamation mark over your character and you’ll notice your board starts to wobble, this means you must reset the combo, or else your next landing ends it.  Just remember, once you’re comfortable with Manuals, then you can spice them up with the best tricks in your arsenal, and when you’re comfortable with Grabs and Spins you can use them too, just remember to leave enough time for yourself to Manual as you hit the ground.

This concludes our guide on Using Manuals for Better Combos in OlliOlli World!  Be sure to check out our other guides here, as well as our review, and get ready for when the game launches on all major consoles and PC on February 8th, 2022.

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